Flight Simulator Starter Frame

Product no.: GLB15#140

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Flight Simulator starter frame is suitable for all aircraft types, and will allow you to make the positive step from a desk to a main frame flight sim. This unit offers adjustability for a range of persons, aircraft and preference. 

There is a section for the installation of your rudder pedals angled to an appropriate degree. This is 400mm wide x 350mm. There is a further two areas (200mm x 300mm) allowing the mounting of a throttle quadrant and joystick each side of a seat. Any control units can be used including your own, and each surface is an MDF material to allow for drill screw fixing if required. Alternatively velcro provides an option where the unit can remain collapsable.

This unit allows you to make the positive step from a computer desk to a proper layout flight sim frame which can be used to develop your own aircraft preference. Priced at just £145 GBP this represents excellent value for money for the cash influenced hobbyist.

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