Saitek Pro Flight TPM System USB

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Important: This product is out of stock globally with no news on further items being made, and therefore these are rare. A very nice throttle quadrant for the general aviation fan.



Closer to Reality

A trio of durable aluminium rods smoothly adjust throttle, propeller, and fuel mixture levels. And, Saitek's downloadable programming software (PC only) enables 9 toggle switches to provide a host of user-defined flight commands.

Authentic Aircraft Control Surfaces

Compatible with all major flight simulation titles and most cockpit setups, the Saitek Pro Flight TPM accurately replicates the control surfaces in light aircraft from renowned manufacturers including Cessna, Piper, and Mooney Bravo.

Elite Features

  • 3 Push/Pull Vernier-Style Levers Replicate the Feel of Popular GA Aircraft
  • Aluminium Shafts with Realistic and Accurate Travel for Precise Adjustments
  • 9 Additional Switches Deliver More In-Sim Options

3 Axes: Throttle, Propeller Pitch, and Mixture

Precise and smooth in both directions, each push-pull lever provides accurate control over your aircraft. All three levers – replete with color-coded handles – administer accurate travel distances to further enhance realism.

9 Programmable Toggle Switches Deliver Extra Control

Assign the metal, heavy-duty toggle switches to any function in your flight simulator: Landing Gear, Taxi Lights, Landing Lights, Cowls, etc. The downloadable software also contains pre-programmed actions from major flight sim software including FSX, X-Plane, and Prepar3D.

Rugged Mounting Hardware

Home flight sim setups are as diverse as the pilots who use them, and Saitek's TPM easily adapts to most cockpit configurations. Whether you prefer to integrate with other Saitek Pro Flight hardware or fasten to a flat surface, two desk clamps give the option to securely place the controls exactly where you want them.

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