Boeing 737 replica pedestal project

Product no.: VRSP2#400

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£495.00 / unit(s)
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Delivery weight: 12 kg

An excellent opportunity to purchase a replica Boeing 737 pedestal. The unit is an unfinished project but is visually complete and would make an excellent start for a simbuilder. You will receive everything pictured which includes the following:

Boeing 737 replica homebuilt pedestal box

Boeing 737 replica pedestal panels and fire panel

Most electronics already in the panels and wired up

Input cards including:

                                2 x Leo Bodnar BU0836X cards

                                1 x Leo Bodnar BBI32 card

                                1 x Phdigets LED controller

                                Several opencockpits mastercard and IO cards

Some panels have LED backlighting added.


The pedestal is not sold as a working unit or plug and play, however most of the electronics are wired up to the input cards and with little work and knowledge the pedestal could be partially/fully operational.

The cost of buying all parts in kit form would be much more than the price of this unit where much of the work has already been done.



  • Lots of valuable input cards
  • Panels and electronics included
  • Good pre-owned condition
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