Symulatory FMC Bay and two FMC units

Symulatory FMC Bay and two FMC units

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Poldragonet FMC bay, made from wood. The unit is in good condition, however would benefit from being cleaned as the unit has been in storage for some time. The FMC bay includes two FMC's by Poldragonet however we are unable to confirm if the units are in working condition due to the age of the wiring, and we do not have the facility to test the item. The screens are PSOne screens and the keys are wired up to a card with a USB connection. It is up to the buyer to check the condition of the connections and made any neccessary repairs as the unit is not being sold as plug and play.  The unit is based on the Boeing 737, and is a 1:1 scale unit. This product is an ideal light restoration project requiring some TLC including cleaning and potentially some repairs/upgrading to allow a fully functional unit.



  • Replica 1:1 part
  • Good condition
  • Ideal project
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