GOFlight MCP Pro Unit

GOFlight MCP Pro Unit

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GoFlight MCP Pro Autopilot unit. Plug and Play USB connection, which is from a well known and trusted brand.

This mode control panel has everything a pilot needs to fly their commercial airliner like a pro!  Like any GoFlight Technologies product, these are built to last, and are intended to be used.  This MCP-Pro is made from rigid sheet metal with a durable powder coat finish to stand up to the rigors of everyday flight.  Replicating a Boeing 737 mode control panel, the MCP-Pro features full control compliments.  Paired with PMDG 373NGX, iFly 737NG, ProSim 737, and Project Magenta the MCP-Pro enables full simulation of a Boeing 737 MCP.  Also compatible with default planes in FS2004/FSX, P3D and X-Plane.  Think of all the possible flights you'll be embarking on with your very own MCP-Pro.  

Dimensions: 16.25inch wide x 2.7inch high.

The GF-MCP Pro features the following controls:

- Independent Captain and F/O COURSE knob and display
- Independent Captain and F/O Flight Director on/off toggles with indicator
- Auto throttle on/off toggle with indicator
- Auto throttle N1 and SPEED buttons
- C/O button for SPD display selection of IAS or MACH
- SPEED Knob and display
- HEADING knob and display with integrated HDG HOLD push function
- HDG SEL button
- VNAV and LNAV buttons
- ALTITUDE knob and display
- VERTICAL SPEED wheel control and display
- V/S button
- A/P CMD A, CWS A, CMD B, and CWS B buttons
- DISENGAGE control bar

The GF-MCP Pro connects to a USB port on your computer. Includes all software for compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Project Magenta; NOW compatible with X-Plane, too!

Further Information can be found here: http://www.goflightinc.com/products/gf-mcp-pro-airliner-autopilot-module

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