GoFlight - Flight Deck Console

Product no.: VRSP2#378

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Designed to house up to 14 GF-AC Cockpit Control System modules. The black Flight Deck Console features a large 18"H horizontal module bay, a 4"H vertical module bay and 6"H diagonal module bay. Cockpit control modules can be arranged within the bays to create realistic-looking and operating simulator aircraft panels. The Flight Deck Console also includes a 12x6x2" chart pocket that can be mounted to the left or right side panel, providing a convenient location for charts, software, binders, kneeboards or other items needed by the simulator pilot during flight. Dimensions of the Flight Deck Console are 24" L, 25" H at its highest point (the front edge) 18" H (horizontal bay section), and 8.25" W. The console is constructed from aluminum ; its exterior surfaces feature a durable powder coated flat grey finish. The console is shipped unassembled, and includes all required assembly hardware. Half price from new.



  • Excellent condition
  • Suitable for the Goflight panels
  • Metal construction
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