Sismo solutions Full overhead (FWD & AFT)

Sismo solutions Full overhead (FWD & AFT)

Product no.: VRSP2#377

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Pre-owned sismo solutions full FWD and AFT overhead unit, with various additional extras our client has added (see photos). The unit is of high quality, and has been maintained in very good condition. Please note that servo guages are not included and are dummy. These two units (FWD & AFT units) represent excellent value for money, and would be suited to a serious simbuilder.

Important: We are unable to test this overhead as we do not have the relevant drivers. An attempt to get the unit to work with ethernet only has not proved successful. Although the last owner of this unit confirms the unit was operational, we are unable to certify the product is in full working condition. Therefore the item is being sold as NOT plug and play, and technical knowledge will be required or should be sought to enable to the product to become operational. We have priced the unit based on the value of all the panels, avionics, frame and interior wiring in a non working condition. For someone who has the skills this overhead could be made working with little work. Without technical support do not have the time or knowledge to enable this.


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