Opencockpits ATC Transponder Panel

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ATC module completly assembled and ready for connect to USB computer port. With same size of the simulated radio and completly backlited.

Five led digits.
Indicators ATC 1 y 2.

You don't need external power source.

Completly stand alone module (doesn't need others cards or modules). You only need to plug in the USB port (plug&play). Don't need USB driver.

This module is compatible with another hardware.
Compatible with FSimulator FSimulator (FSX, FS2004 ...), X-Plane, and others add-on (PMDG, Project Magenta, LevelD, Fligtdesk Software, ...).

You can connect many units at the same time.

You can control the brightness of the display digits and indicators by software.

All the module is backlited.

Fail indicator.
IDENT push-button.
Two switches for XPNDR 1/2, SOURCE 1/2.
Function selector (not included in iocmodules, needs programming, operative with PMDG 737NGX).

Two encoders with great precision and speed.


  • A variety of programmable switches & buttons
  • Boeing 737 1:1 scale replica
  • USB Connection - plug and fly
  • Excellent condition
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