CH Products Yoke (USB)

CH Products Yoke (USB)

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Featuring many of the buttons and switches you'd find in an actual cockpit, the CH Yoke greatly enhances the realism of your flight simulator programs. Six analog 10-bit axis give you control over aileron, elevator, propeller pitch, fuel mixture, throttle, and rudder movement, and the knobs for throttle, prop, and mixture let you fly with ease and confidence.

The CH Yoke also features a programmable trim/scroll wheel with a centre push function, an eight-way POV hat, and rocker switch on the left and right sides of the grip. 

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the Eclipse Yoke uses much of the same industrial materials and components that are used in their heavy equipment, military, and medical controllers. The large, sturdy base comes with two integrated, adjustable clamps, allowing you to secure the yoke to most desks or tables from 3/4 inch to two inches thick. You can position the Yoke wherever it is most comfortable and convenient. There are no drivers or required software to install, and the Yoke is plug-and-play ready and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Mac OSX.



  • A variety of programmable switches & buttons
  • Lightweight versatile design
  • USB Connection - plug and fly
  • Highly durable popular item
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