Opencockpits MCP Autopilot USB

Opencockpits MCP Autopilot USB

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An opportunity to purchase an Opencockpits USB MCP Autopilot unit. This module is based on the Honeywell Boeing 737 MCP, and is a 1:1 replica in size and operates as per the real cockpit unit.

You should have SIOC, and FSUIPC or IOCP software for the MCP to be interfaced with Flight simulator. 

This module allows operation of N1, Speed, FD1 & 2, AT, LVL CHG, VNAV, HDG SELECT, VORLOC, LNAV, ALT HOLD, V/S, CMDA and B, CWSA and B, Disengage, Course 1 & 2, IAS / MACH, Heading, Altitude, Bank Angle, SPD INT, INT ALT, and vertical speed.

The module is compatible with other USB modules, and IO cards.

Connection is by USB cable, and 6v power supply.

Software Download available through Opencockpits, and all main software packages are supported. (ie. Prosim, IFly, Project Magenta, ON-737 etc.)

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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