FMC Set (Pair) One PnP, one dummy.

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FMC/CDU Set. This listing includes BOTH a plug and play functional FMC, and a first officer side dummy FMC unit. The functional FMC is manufactured by 'opencockpits' and its sizes are approx 150mm x 225m x 65mm. The functional FMC is connected by a USB connection and a tv out connection for the screen. You can download the driver software from the manufacturer website. Both FMC unit are in excellent condition, perfect for Boeing aircraft flight simulator CDU bay.


Items are both Boeing grey colour, the dummy unit includes most of the keys and a glazed screen as pictured. Ideal as a dummy unit and could be upgraded to a function unit with some work.


An excellent purchase at a bargain price. Purchase two FMCs (as above) for LESS than the price of ONE!

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  • Good quality
  • Good condition
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