Full set of real fire handles, Engines 1 - 4

Product no.: RAP2#477

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£250.00 / unit(s)
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Delivery weight: 3 kg

This is a full set over two panels with various extras showing fire handles for engines 1-4 and would therefore suit any aircraft with up to 4 engines. The panels are metal and also includes the discharge bottle switches, and the legend engraved panels as shown. These fire handles are pre wired and therefore upon application of between 4-28v (unknown voltage) these handles should illuminate as intended in an emergency situation. 

An ideal addition to your flight simulator, featuring rare engraved fire handles which are in great condition for age. The units would suit either Boeing 707, 747, or possibly A340 series or other 4 engine military/cargo aircraft simulator. 

All fire handles are very rare and therefore we are unlikely to obtain further of this type in the near future.

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