Smiths Boeing 737NG Standby altimeter and air speed gauge.

Product no.: RAP2#471

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This unit is found on the main instrument panel of The Boeing 737NG aircraft and is an option for airlines to have the standby gauges fitted. This one was removed from a 737NG and is now available to purchase for your simulator cockpit. 

The unit has not been tested by us and is therefore sold as seen and any attempts to re-wire/make operational are at your own risk.

The unit is brown and includes the removal tag from the B737NG it was taken from. This unit is a very rare item, particularly to be decommissioned from service as the B737NG is still very much in active service worldwide. Grab an excellent addition to your simulator before someone else does. Also check out our other B737NG standby instruments - you could get the full set.

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