Boeing 727 Battery Panel.

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This panel is removed from the engineers station of a real Boeing 727, and is used to control the battery and monitor the health of the battery onboard the aircraft. 

The panel is black in colour and is in fair condition with no major damage other than minor chips to some of the paintwork. The panel features two real guages (with rear clamps) for DC volts and DC amps, with a control switch on the lower half of the panel which does still move and a switch with yellow guard turning the battery on/off.

Perhaps with some technical expertise you would rewire the battery switch to the backlighting of this panel or a selection of panels in your flight simulator to offer that extra real feeling. We must say any attempts to power or alter the panel are at your own risk. The panel is pre-wired from the aircraft it was removed from to two cannon plugs on the rear.

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