Product no.: GLB16#161
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Product no.: GLB16#160

90 degree rotary switches are useful for a number of applications, for a wide variety of aircraft. These 90 degree rotary switches consist of up to 4 positions and perfect for applications where knobs are required to align with front panel markings. ( current stock is long spindle, but can easily be cut )



  • Highly durable solder points
  • Including nut ready to be fitted to your panels
  • D shaped rotary head to enable use with knobs and grub screws.
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Product no.: GLB14#81

suitable for all simulator applications on a variety of aircraft systems.

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Product no.: GLB11#49

All panels required to complete the pedestal based on the Boeing 737. Fantastic Price for exceptional quality!

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Product no.: GLB11#47

Very high quality manufactured replica fire handles

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Product no.: GLB11#50

Includes everything needed to make your pedestal visually complete

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Product no.: GLB14#128

Accessories for the Boeing 737 pedestal

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