Boeing Overhead Electronics/Accessories Package

Product no.: GLB10#24

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Here is the electronics listing for the Full Boeing 737NG Overhead panel listed on the product page. The items include 95% of the avionics required for the overhead panel of a 737, and these electronics could also be used on many other overheads especially other boeing overheads as the fleet of similar airliners varies little. So what's included in the price? You will receive all individually bagged; 50 heavy duty aircraft toggle switches 0n-off type; 15 on-off-on toggle switches; 11 rotaries with the respective increments; 8 push buttons; 13 spring loaded toggle switch guards/ missile covers; 5 potentiometers; 2 rotary encoders; All LED's also included to backlight the annunciators (150 yellow, and 10 white); 18 finished boeing knobs (includes standard and electrical type); 30 3mm toggle switch caps; and 30 long toggle caps, and finally 4 of our high quality landing light toggle switch caps to finish that completed look. We would also recommend the purchase of our screw dzus fasteners which are not included to mount your panels to a frame.

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