Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

0.0 Items in GLB Retail are the sole property and owership of GLB Flight Products and associates. GLB Flight products will provde you with a full after care service which includes problems with the item, such as electronic problems when testing for 1 day after arrival of the item.

1.0 All GLB Retail (Shop) items are tested prior to shipment. Faulty goods should be reported to us.

2.0 Most items are sent recorded and tracked so we can see the status of the item dispatched as well as the signature of the addressee who received the item at the receipients address as proof the item has arrived.

3.0 GLB Flight products visitors' retail requires an agreed percentage of the total sale value fee which does include the postage cost for the item.

4.0 Postage times of any item purchased in the GLB Flight Products visitors retail area is at the sole discretion of the seller when the item is posted, some traders may have specific reasons for not dispatching the item the very next day. Please allow up to 14 days for an item to be dispatched as well as the typical postage time for the item to reach your destination.

5.0 GLB Flight Products aims to dispatch all their products within 3 working days pending the item being in stock, however cannot be held responsible for the postal services if the item gets delayed in the post.

6.0 No products are from a real aircraft unless explicitly indicated on the item page so therefore none of our items can be used for real world aviation purposes and are only intended for flight simulation purposes or similar.

7.0 The company does not accept returns for broken items through neglegence in any way. However we will accept returns on items that are genuinely broken on arrival or are not working (Proof must be supplied). We will test the item and a full refund will be given, not including the postage costs, if the item is found to be faulty.

8.0 The 'boeing grey' and 'boeing brown' colours are standards and we aim to match these colours as closely as possible for all our products that use them to the real colour.

9.0 Please be aware not all items are exactly 1:1 scale and can vary to other manufacturers.

10.0 GLB Flight Products is not responsible or associated/endorsed with any company for which banners are provided on our site. Banners are provided for advertising purposes only.

11.0 All items are copywrite to GLB Flight Products and associates and it is therefore it is not allowed to remove or copy any contect within this site without contacting the managing director for permission. Some cases copying information can be granted if it is for legitimate purposes.

12.0 Items are classed as 'new' 'used' or 'refurbished' which involves cleaning and improving. Please pay attention to this categorisation when viewing the item description. Even items in the viewers retail area may be classed as new.

13.0 Products offered by us in the GLB Retail (shop) area are developed and quality controlled by our team offsite.

14.0 We cannot be held responsible for individual import taxes into other countries, and therefore in an event you do get charged a tax this cost is the responsibility of the purchaser.

15.0 We have stated all Visitors' Retail (Pre-Owned Parts) items as only available as a single quantity of one unless otherwise specified.

16.0 Items purchased through the GLB Parts wanted section contain no warranty from us, and are negotiated between the buyer and seller.

17.0 All our Real Aircraft Parts are stricly for non airworthy applications, and not to be reinstalled in any aircraft without certification from a competant party.

18.0 Users of GLB Flight Products and it's associated webpages accept the new internet cookie laws 2012.and subsequent revisions

If you have any questions or clarification on the above or any other aspect of GLB Flight Products please don't hesitate to contact us on the Contact Us page.