Captains Master Caution, Fire Warn, Six Pack Set

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Replica Boeing 737 six pack indicator unit (with recall function) and both illuminated Master Caution, and Fire Warn buttons with push operation. This unit is perfectly produced for our replica glarewings, however should fit others too. Included within this product is a fitting template and user instructions to provide assistance on fitting this module into the glarewings. The unit is fully wired up and ready to be connected to your favourite input card (eg. PoKeys card)



  • Ready to install (with guide and template)
  • Fully illuminated
  • 1:1 size replica
  • Six pack with recall function
  • Excellent Value


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Boeing 737 Glarewings (Captains Side) Boeing 737 Glarewings (Captains Side)
£74.99 / unit(s) *
Boeing 737 Glarewings (First Officer Side) Boeing 737 Glarewings (First Officer Side)
£74.99 / unit(s) *
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